May 13th to July 10th. And I can’t find anything to rant about? Possible reasons for this: sickness (had a light bout with pneumonia, but lived); laziness (strong contender, but I’ve been going to work, etc.); reading (I do love electronic books!); or maybe, just maybe, there really isn’t anything to rant on.

Hanging out on Twitter with those others of my social (or anti-) class, I read their tweets, liking some, responding to others. I don’t bitch at folk. If someone/something is heavily controversial, I’ll look at the poster’s personal info and read a few more of their tweets – to get a feel for who they are. Then I block them. Rarely mute. Why?

I’m currently following around 300 people/groups. I don’t know how many I’ve blocked (I haven’t learned how to find that – since I access Twitter from the phone app).

August 2. Is it possible to become inured (this is the wrong word, I’m trying for something that deadens feeling through apathy) to ranting? There’s that saying, “Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different outcome.”

I know this blog is just a silly outlet to point out things, and I do not expect to change an iota (much less the world). But, there’s this feeling that ‘we’, our collective humanity and all our interactions with the universe are but a series of tests that, to a disinterested observer, we are failing miserably.


Omnipotent scientist 1: “Hey! Look at this! I put the solution for curing cancer, and they’re using it to clean toilets!

Omnipotent scientist 2: “You think that’s interesting? I’ve got a group of betas that think they can be alphas. They’re calling their group ‘The United Nations’. It’s amazing to see these creatures antics on each other. They’ll do anything against others in the group – including killing – only to have yet another beta step in and take credit for the action.

OS 1: “So how long to we have to let this test series run? I’ve got a family get-together to attend.”

OS 2: “Oh, it’s probably safe to leave them alone for awhile. What’s the worst that could happen? They eliminate each other? Just be sure you secure their habitat. We don’t need a failing species to escape and infect the universe.”


Back on Experiment: Earth, every event or incident is a repeat; you can find an almost identical incident in history. It’s the scale of involvement that has us pop our heads up and go, “Wha?”

We’ve succeeded in growing just about everything to the nth power. Animal instinct awards this. What then? Or, so what? And the planet, not necessarily an aware being (crossing fingers behind me), either accommodates or rejects our animal changes. At what point do we run into the wall of finality? And – what to do when the wall pushes back, or collapses upon us?