I wanted to share this link to one of my Twitter connections.

Allen Ray’s, “I Do This For Free”

He made the first podcast last Saturday, planning a new episode every week, around 9 A.M. It took me until Thursday morning’s commute to listen to it.

Wow! This guy could be a DJ anywhere, his voice comes out friendly and natural. He mentions of making a previous podcast series, but life got in the way of that.

This new series will focus on good things: music, happy news, weird science. There will be NO POLITICS! (Yeah. Believe it when I hear it – or not hear it ๐Ÿ˜)

Part of his background is as a bass guitar player / music afficionado. A couple of songs from varied areas. 1st episode is good enough to play it going into and out of work.

His Twitter account – @2CynicAI65 – is where I found an insightful, mildly caustic, and enthusiastic individual. (You’d have to be enthusiastic to create and post a podcast every Saturday morning. I don’t even open an eyelid until 11. And that’s with 70lb dogs jumping onto the bed.)

With that, I send this out giving you an option for FREE entertainment. Give a listen. I’ll be downloading the 2nd episode sometime after 1200. ๐Ÿ‘