Playing it safe, I gave January a pass. New Year’s celebrations – meh. Super Bowl – I was right, almost everyone else was wrong (almost had the final score pegged too ☺). The shutdown? I’ve lived through two or three, always seemed to be in an essential position. But to listen to the whining, bitching, and begging: this is Amerika? And thFebruaryat was only the government sector. The contractor sector ‘sometimes’ plans for this event and stashes a buffer of a month or two to cover wages. Only three generations ago, adults knew how to save for rough times. After the exposure of the greedheads from the 1980s, the trust between the workers and managers of money evaporated. An egregious level of stupidity now exists and is engulfing the shores; and it is not being caused by global warming.

February begins.

A repeat of January.

The circle turns.

All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players. Shakespeare wrote that back in the day. But, he didn’t take into account game theory, specifically, the zero-sum option. Back then, the number of critical pieces / players were not as numerous as what we deal with today. Most will argue against my suggestion that the games played today are no different than those of five-hundred years ago (or even longer). What I believe this to mean, is the bullshit spread before the body politic, is simply that, and no more.

The farcical topics we ingest are not worth the electrical synapses we expend on translating them. I once heard of a Saudi expression, “What I Say In Public Does Not Matter”. Every outrage broadcast, every social media thread, eventually gets to its divide-by-zero level, and ends. All that is left is ourselves, and what we carry in our personal constitution (yes, we really do have one).