I’ve been trying to come up with a closer post for this year, and I believe this title is succinct.

Laying about this weekend, listening to or reading the trite garbage that is pumped out every year: ‘celebrities’ who died, feel good stories (children or animals); versus the reality bits of disasters and politics (which are synonymous), my curmudgeonly self realizes that a) I’m getting too old for this shit and, b) if I had any sense of decency left, I would not share this pathetic attitude with the world.


To continue: this ‘tude has been sitting in the shadows for some time – growing. Throughout the year, I go about doing random acts of kindness without expectations. No, really. I do the basic holding-of-doors, allow traffic to cut in front of me, even the paying-it-forward when I have the spare cash. I do not expect anything more than a simple thanks. I believe(d) there are others like me that do the same.

But, people of this ilk are losing the battle. The battle of civilization. Not that I’m an expert on the finer aspects of the subject matter. Humanity, on average, has been winning if population statistics are any guide. We’re also aware of the many times sub-groups have stumbled. What’s my point? It feels like there’s a correction a-coming. One that the historians, fifty years hence, will say “Oh, Damn!”

I’m not a predictor of singularities. Not even sure if singularity is allowed to be pluralized. Acknowledging my weakness in this area, I’m forgoing my 10+ list of possibilities. And I’m not going to review my list from last January. It was/is mostly silliness. Reality is really giving the definition of silliness a run for the money.

Many winters past, I was content being a rock, an island (thank you Simon & Garfunkle). That was before reading up on Zen philosophy, where I was informed that I was rather a pebble in a rushing stream. I am still that pebble, more educated and less wiser. So, I say to the near-term future… meh. Same shit, same shithole.