Tis the day of Holy Consumerism; go forth and pay your dues to the deities of profit.

I should not judge others, yet I have reached an age where, when reading the obligatory articles of ‘bargain’ hunters preying in the aisles of untamed stores, I either get mad or sad.

If you were to interview – singly – any particular shopper, you’d probably get a reasonably sane person who is somewhat ashamed at their actions / activity. They wouldn’t normally act this way, but for….. insert lame excuse here.

The commercialization of the birth of one religions’ deity turned into “the gift giving season”. In truth (and the information deity: Wikipedia) it comes and goes, all the way back to the Saturnalia in 300 AD. Then, it was a small gag gift. But, even taking into account the inflation rate of two millennia, do humans need to perform ugly rituals?

Consider this option: remember and gift to people on their significant dates. Leave the religious dates to paying homage – not with gold and myrrh, but with charity and good deeds. By focusing gifting to an individual, the cash flow can be spread across the year. Business should promote this method for their own well-being. No more nervousness as to whether the company will break even. Forecasting a business’s health would be more predictable and stable.

There’d be an added benefit of not seeing Christmas decorations being set up in August, or Halloween candy being sold before Easter.