Really? I haven’t been posting since August 18th? And then, rarely accessing Twitter for the past two weeks? To quote Obi-Wan Kenobi: “Oh, he’s not dead. Not yet, anyway.”

Between suffering fools, bureaucracy, and things around me falling apart (the inanimate things saw what my body’s going through and said to themselves, ‘hey, that looks like fun’.), I’ve spent a lot of time exercising my library cards, electronically. Some sci-fi, history, and sociology. I’ll try to copy the list (if there is one) of my account.

Of previous rants, there might be one about deceptive advertising and product management. But, to deny things are not affected by inflation, through the use of minute changes in size/packing, is truly rude. Most folk don’t seem to notice it, or they quietly accept the bullshit. Unfortunately, I too, am controlled by my baser instincts and make purchases on want, not need.

Food shopping. Getting charged more, for less, and being told by marketing (who have their own wing in Hell) that I’m getting a good deal. Went into a $ store to pick up snacks for movie night. A certain peanut butter item had changed from six-for-a-dollar to five. And, the size per unit was point-15 (0.15) less. But HEY! Only a dollar!

You know you’ve gotten old when you start remembering the prices things were when you were a kid. But, Orwell’s Ministry of Truth is currently revising, we are just creating a conspiracy where there is none. Although, I came up with this, in a search. Just when you think the government can’t get anything right…

I think I can safely state that income/wages usually fall short of expenditures. Do I need candy? No, certainly not. Fast food?

McDonald's menu from 1970
McDonald’s menu from 1970

Trickier. Does the time saved eating less-than-completely-healthy food outperform meals at home? As long as you employ the time saved in a useful manner. Sitting in traffic, spilling coffee on yourself, while unwrapping a breakfast sandwich, doesn’t seem like an improvement. I’ll toss in this article from UTNE. The author suggests in the title ‘Food Inequality’, but it’s an in-depth rant about evil capitalism, etc. ad nauseam. I thought it was a tiresome rant, but you can judge for youselves.

Back to brighter ideas. A list of books I’ve read in the past couple weeks:

  • Cocaine Blues (Phryne Fisher mystery)
  • Black Chamber (alternate history where T. Roosevelt gets 3rd and 4th terms – story about adventures of female gov’t agent)
  • Man in the High Castle (saw the series before the book, hard to say which is better)
  • The Collapsing Empire (John Scalzi space opera)
  • Damnation Island (historical review of NYC’s prison / asylum system circa 1850-1900, good read)
  • Year One (Nora Roberts {?} writing a dystopian novel)
  • When – The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing (interesting topic of why we do things at certain times)

De dee, de dee, de dee, dats all folks!