(This post may not make much sense, but let’s play along for a while)

Is it possible to be bored with social media? Up until this lazy, Saturday afternoon, I did not think so. Granted, my mental poison of choice is #Twitter, but I do make occasional forays onto #Facebook, #Tumbler, #Reddit, and this here amazing blog: #RantsUntoTheEther.

So, going through the motions of scrolling and making comments, I felt that all I was doing was like playing solitaire. Fun, but ultimately a time-waster. Yes, I realize that’s by design, but with a smidgen of positive interaction. Unfortunately, that smidgen is overblown. The platforms have been subverted, perverted even, by the jungle of the commons.

Not only the platforms, but the civil institutions previously relied on to provide stability to – if not understanding life – at least living somewhat successfully. That old saying, “It’s a dog eat dog world.”, is more true today (and the dogs I talk to are still highly insulted by it).

Now, most humans on the planet have these glowing devices that allow an escape into whatever dimension we want. Ignoring things that are right in front of us. Or things we will never have control of, or effective input to control them.

(Yeah, okay Ed, life sucks. But WTF is a Trapezoidal Earth?)

I’m glad you asked 😉. Sure Earth is physically oval (look it up – it’s not perfectly round). But, socially? I suggest that it’s not even square. It’s a trapezoid with constantly moving sides and corners. Left, Right, Rich, Poor; pick your reference terms. The wider side/edge denotes the prevailing dominant culture. And because the framework is in a constant state of flux, it’s hard for anybody to achieve a semblance of control.

My thought for the day: is it better to selfishly enjoy escapism, or surf the ever changing trapezoid in search of oneself?