Trying to go back to sleep and failing miserably. Semi-dream; oldest daughter hasn’t come home from friends house, start thinking of accidental mortality. And chatting with her in the hospital. (shiver) Spoiler Alert: That didn’t happen. She showed up about 5 minutes later.

What happens when you die? Where does your essence go? (Strangelove fans; get your mind out of the War Room) Which also begets the question; How did I get here?

In physics, we’re taught that you can’t get something from nothing. The 2nd law of thermodynamics. But, people are created when mommy and daddy lock the bedroom door. And you can follow that trail all the way back to just after the Big Bang. But, just as you can’t create something from nothing, you can’t (or shouldn’t) take something and turn it into nothing. So, where do we go when we leave this plane of existence?

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust and all that. But the electrochemical whojamaducky that comprises an individual. Eight billion humans, quintillion plus of other species. Living and dying in 3/4 time (who wrote that song?). The accounts department is being audited! I’m not even touching on the input of time, unless time is the original error and it does not exist.

So, person minus physio-electrical state equals an undetectable state. Maybe. Ghosts, spirit traveling, transcendence: is there a there, there. Annnd, if that state decreases rapidly through the universe, does it ever go away completely? (2nd says No) Then it follows that you, an infinitesimal speck in the universe, combined with a lot – but not all – of other specks, become the gleem in daddy’s eye.

Somewhere, someplace, there is that unique speck of the universe which is you. And no other.