“The Best Explanation for Our Spate of Mass Shootings Is the Least Comforting.”

This article from over at #NationalReview was very insightful. The timeline bothered me, as the attacks in the distant past (greater than 20 years), were separately counted – mass murders in on column, school attacks in another. And those school attacks were rarely reported nationally, as district administrators downplayed the events, or cited “school privacy laws” – which aren’t laws, but institutionaized rules.

Nuff said. Now to get in trouble for this title. First, killing = bad, quadruple-plus ungood. I DO NOT advocate for anyone (including our precious governments {plural is intentional, wars are useless, it really comes down to greed}). But these school / workplace shootings are: reactionary, self-aggrandizing, and (maybe) achieve a personal resolution.

The, for lack of a better term, mentally affected, have a grievance against one or two specific people.

Need to take a sidebar here and point out that almost all of these incidents are committed by men. Women go off the rails too, but their anger is focused and personal. They’ll come at you in the middle of the night with the 10″ kitchen knife, and the last thing you’ll see and hear is them rejoicing in your demise.

All fine and well. Murders happen every day. Some people figure they’re going to get life in jail or end up #dead-by-cop. The ones that are caught invariably say they chickened out on the suicide part. Understandable. You really have to be mentally outside the box to go through with that. Or have a partner equally messed up to assist.

Back to the public, media enhanced drama. Name any two mass shooters. Kind of hard, isn’t it. People died, killer(s) dead – or wishing they were. Media circus for a number of days. What’s changed? Nothing that matters. Maybe the #SJWs hold protests and marches, but those only drag out the media circus a while longer. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. #Dragnet reference. In fact, the names are redacted, to avoid promoting notoriety. But without names, how does anyone relate?

Now, try and link this to groups that want things to change. Left, Right, Up, Down (whichever political clique you look at), an unruly and uninformed herd of sheep for the most part. Yet, there are a few who are more aware than the rest. They are also less psychotic and less enthused about committing acts of violence themselves. But the mysterious They are invisible. “We have met the enemy, and them are us.” #POGO

Wow. I’m getting more confused about the linkages I’m postulating. How to educate psychos to direct their anger in a way that improves the case of the many while eliminating or hindering the case of the few; i.e. the (insert your favorite conspiracy clique here: Illuminati, Deep State, New World Order, klepto-oligarchy, etc.)

Aside from the McVeigh bombing against a goverment building (he didn’t do his homework – killing kids is outright wrong), nobody/group on the planet is taking on targets that matter. And that bothers me (no, I’m not encouraging violent actions). It’s that there’s no connection between the mental exercises people display on fighting ‘the system’ and psychos on shooting sprees.

The military uses paper exercises ‘Red team vs. Blue team’, constantly testing scenarios. Each side attempts to exploit the others’ weaknesses. From these exercises come solutions to prevent or eliminate problems. These exercises, while tedious, usually deliver productive results. These results, you’ve probably interacted with on a daily basis (ex. concrete blocks in front of buildings). The ‘bad guys’ react and come up with new tactics. This is where the good side has an edge – people with mental/emotional issues may not have the focus to plan. Of course, exceptions to my statement occur, thus – school shootings. But those are emotion-based attacks. Not one was about the current state of the U.S. educational system. If that were the case, I pity everyone working for the Chicago school system.

So, if all these people (the great unwashed) are going around, bitching on their smartphones about this, that, or the other issue; why haven’t they jumped the shark and started attacking where it might actually make a difference?

Legal Disclaimer: I do not promote or endorse any violent action against anyone or group.

This is simply me, thinking how – historically – how major shit gets started, and how it hasn’t happened in the States recently.