Two months. With nothing to show for it. Sometimes, that’s just the way of things. Weekends are best (or worst, depending on your outlook); pretty much stayed in bed, watching Twitter feeds or reading e-books. And no, I’m not living in my parents’ basement. Working a 40+ hour week solving other people’s problems. Most of which should be solved by themselves.

How can !anybody! be computer illiterate in this age? I don’t mean some esoteric program; I mean basic turn-on-the-box-and-find-a-file. I understand that I was an electronic geek prior to Revenge of the Nerds. I accept that the present wave of geeks speak a different operating language – I can converse with the new wave on the level of a small child (basically because sometimes have to translate for Luddites). But Dammit! If you’re smart enough to use an ATM or a Redbox kiosk, you shouldn’t have to ask me how to open a video file!

These problems are but a trifle in the cosmic flotsam. Bigger game is afoot. The Revolution is here! I know it is because I heard it on TV and read it on Twitter. 😏  But reading assorted media clips, the beginnings are starting to pop up. Aside from the random, crazy, shoot-em-ups; we’ve got the ‘Austin Assassin’ (how the MSM didn’t coin that is beyond me). Now there’s suicide driver at Travis AFB, dangerous packages at military bases. Just one thing bothers me – none of the #MSM (including you, FOX; and you, CSPAN) – are using the name of the Parkland shooter. Damn near every victim’s name is cited, filed, and vomited back up. But they refuse to name Nikolas Cruz. Why?

On the other side of the two-headed coin are the police shootings. Bad shoot in the parlance (I think). Happens far too much. Query. Does anyone watch LivePD on the weekends? Does anyone realize how much effort – never mind the confusion – is involved in apprehending someone who is resisting arrest? The fear? The salon crowd says that cops should use more restraint and less lethal methods. ???? There’s a saying, “Better to be judged by twelve than carried by six.” 

Meanwhile, the ‘accused’ that live are the ones that calmly turn around, get cuffed, and gently get in the back of the police car. Usually they know how the system works, play it for what it’s worth, and are out of the penalty box after a short stay (because the jails are full). But, a strong majority of perpetrators do not like this method. They run. They fight. They do not want to go to jail. No shit, Sherlocks. Jails are not amusement parks. I consistently recall part of the theme song of Baretta (70s cop show); “…don’t do the crime, if you can’t do the time…”
Uhhh. Lost track. Computers, check. Crime, check. Something that begins with C. (watches TV for about thirty minutes) I got nothing. Back to the revolution, with a lower case R.

Boss Hogg. Puppet on a string. Trying to think of the semi/official mouthpieces of revolutions past. Looked up revolutions on Wikipedia. Damn! People have been pissed off about the status quo since…. forever. Without delving into each revolution, I sensed a lack of Madison Avenue panarche. Actions lead, then followed by words. To view the spontaneous actions across the country isn’t surprising. But they’re confusing words for actions. Historically, winners of revolutions had power; militarily, economically, or socially. This crew has only a small portion of the last. Aaaand they don’t have a plan written out, even if they get their way. This is not a revolution, just a reaction (justifiably so). A peaceful revolution is not only an oxymoron, it’s a lie. There’s always a controlling power pulling the strings, whether we see them or not.