I make this assessment based on American government actions and operations (two dissimilar things that share a common property: poor results). The other factor that many overlook, but is a consistent thread; “absolute power corrupts absolutely” has gone on since time immemorial. The change in corruption is one of numerical / length* increase and of technological speed. [* Numerical, in that there are simply more people involved; length, is that the guilty are involved longer, usually with no legal repercussions (no investigations, trials, convictions, or imprisonment).

In my naming two notorious (?) people from history, I admit to some grandstanding. They’ve been vilified to the point of caricature. They also started their careers innocently enough, even with stringent upbringing, that colored their decision making later on. Both sides of the political spectrum have many, many examples of folk that started out with good intentions, but succumbed to the Dark Side. And the cast of characters in the political cesspool of our Capitol makes the Roto-Router guy run screaming for his mommy.

Now, brand new nonsense from the high altar of the executive. A parade?! I seriously thought of adding another name like, Stalin or Pol Pot, but we haven’t experienced wholesale human slaughter. Yet. In the interim, is there room for expansion at SuperMax? For all of those patriotic Americans who will not participate in such a grand spectical. Hell, I basically live down the street from Constituon Ave., and you can’t get me into that town on a bet.