I’ve been trolling over Twitter for the last couple of days and everybody’s predictions are sooooo much better (and out there) than mine. From politics to medicine to entertainment to sports, if the prediction isn’t outrageous, then the reality is. Even the graphic is copied. There is no new ‘new’. Just different simians repeating the same old thing. If I tap this rant out slowly (as I presently do), I can get the autosuggestion to provide the next word, maybe by the third character. I get to punctuate.

So, in this vein, I present the “2018 Anti-Predictions”. What’s an anti-prediction? Well, I guess that instead of guessing at something that might happen, I go after the low-hanging fruit and identity what will not happen. After going 1.2 for last year, I believe I need to hedge my bets.

  1. We will not be rid of the following: Trump, Clinton(s), Kim Jong Un, MAGA, Antifa, corruption, drugs, inflation.
  2. Unworthy news.
  3. Traffic.
  4. Chemicals.
  5. Polluted air.
  6. Stupid predictions.
  7. Blogs that make stupid predictions.
  8. People who write blogs about stupid predictions.
  9. And last, incomplete lists of predictions.