And so this is Christmas, For weak and for strong, For rich and the poor ones, The world is so wrong

(John Lennon, So This Is Christmas; 3rd stanza)

First, I wish all who read this – religious choice aside – a blessed end of year. With all the contemptible crap that is present modern life, to kindle the dying spark of humanity is a cause worthy of effort. Which asks, ‘Why focus on this once a year?’ Yes, there’s many folk who practice the civilized arts: honesty, kindness, charity, etc. But for the rest of the slovenly curs, they only have to be kind and cheerful once a year? At the annual “Running Of The Customers” on Black Friday? Fail. The Rosanne Show replaces Norman Rockwell. Which then asks, (what is this, the Spanish Inquisition?), were all those homey pictures a true representation of average American life? Truthfully – no, they were an idealized, stylized version people aspired to. Not to say those covers weren’t accurate, just that they were not as common as believed. That whole ‘remembering the good times instead of the bad theme’.

Second, forced anything is usually not a good idea; that includes both truth and medicine – the exception being that sometimes receiving those items in required doses, is required. It’s not polite to tell someone they have halitosis; but not telling them may get them even sicker.

Last, being cooperative has its benefits. All the way back in caveman days, Og and Nog might bring down one piece of meat a week, barely feeding only one of their families. Together, they started netting 4 or 5 beasts. Had to open a cooperative, add a few millennia without paying estate tax, and you got Rockefeller, Roosevelt, and the rest of the 1%ers.

All that, and karma too. Choose not to wish anyone good tidings, don’t expect to win the lottery.

(Overall, a totally disjointed rant. The target I aimed for is: the few that rule over the hordes do so, corruptly. Yet, ’tis the season’ to embrace one’s fellow human, regardless of their religion. [all religions seem to have an end of year celebration – based off of a Julian calendar.]