I’ve got a couple bottled up that will spew across this screen shortly. But first, an explanation for the dearth of exposition from my end.

Damn if I know why.

Partly the dog days of summer, which in Virginia have been overly humid and/or hot, since May (?); partly sending my oldest off to college (and trying to hustle the funding for that); partly dealing with the younger child, 16 going on 25; partly the creeping medical bills my wife and I are paying off as we can; partly crappy support from my employer(s) who are trying to blame me for their faults (out of 3000+ personnel, and my position is second from the bottom); partly from the minuscule amount of news I allow into my gray matter (wanted to type ‘expose myself to’, but some of you deviants would read that the wrong way – thank you💜); and partly for not giving a damn about all of the above, because no one is getting out of this life alive anyway.

Not a bad list for openers. Can’t do much about the weather except listen to the climate change sides arguing. Heads up to both sides: shut the #<£^#€ up! Looking at a snapshot of recently recorded data or reading the rings of a tree trunk will still not predict the future. Besides, if we can have NBA & NHL playoffs in June (2017), we can certainly extend summer to Halloween.

Ah, the ‘sending kid off to college’ meme. Neither my wife or I experienced this. She’s an on line degree, I’m a night school graJEEate. About the closest I can relate is basic training and living in dorms after that. She’s managing well, better than most others (including a kid who took a five-floor dive while on some drug). And we’re paying for this?! Standard parent worrying; check.

My darling second child. Except when she’s not, which is close to sixty percent of the time. With faulty short term memory, it’s tedious to remind her of basic tasks. Then, today, she’s all about making sure I’m happy (I.e. With life in general, which will make me less strict with her). Try to explain the many ways life does/does not make people happy. Nada. Just don’t be mad at her when she makes bad choices (eating all of Mom’s birthday cake, sneaking treats, arguing about going to school). Sigh.

Getting old sucks. Yeah, we’ve all heard that before. I know I’m still better off than a lot of folk, but wah, wah, wah.  Spouse isn’t any better, whatever the 1% is doing with medical coverage – as I chant the mantra, “follow the money” – the 99% is paying more and getting less. I can actually envision a rollback to paying your doctor and pharmacist directly. Not supporting some legion(s) of mindless insurance company bureaucrats demanding that you, the patient, get authorization from the other bureaucracy in order to get a partial reimbursement. 🙄 Could be worse. We could have rampant dysentery and cholera here in the states. (Oh, wait. That’s supposed to start next year. Don’t worry, your government is looking out for you. /sarc)

Work. Majority of us simply dislike it for any number of reasons. But, I propose, it’s the people that we interact with – and where they reside in the pecking order. What blew me away in the past weeks, was being informed of back channel gossip about my complaints about the company. Between one of my customers – and somebody who isn’t even in my management line. A matched set of useful idiots. 

I have a solution to all these rants. Zen. Just live in the moment. The actions and affairs of others are but the motion of water in a stream, where I am but a pebble, shifted and buffeted. Yet, I remain the same pebble. 

Beautiful theory – hard to execute. 

Might be easier to set fire to the river.