Yesterday post was based in part of these questions.

The difference between the two terms; the break points at: simple disagreement, organized disagreement, simple dissent, organized dissent, fringe dissent, simple (individual) activity, simple group activity, simple (individual) violence, simple group violence, fringe violence, organized group violence, — equal response to each of the above.

While I vaguely pointed out some starring events that started the War Between the States, there were many years prior that had events – minor and middling – that got everyone riled up. The Underground Railroad is one that was not violent, usually. So what of today’s efforts that fall short of physical violence.

Protests, marches, vigils, etc. are the obvious signs of dissent. But I think these methods have become stale and ineffective. Example: the Charlottesville to DC march going on today. Roughly 150 marchers for the past week, per day. I suspect the last leg of the march will have more, the greater group coming directly from the DC areas.

Compare that to the C-ville confrontation. It was never a protest/counter protest. How can I say that? Both groups came armed. The supremacists had guns, but did not use them (well one guy did a warning shot – stupid as hell, and he’ll get the full court press of the law). The other side had banners and signs nailed to boards, that, when the sign is lost in the melee, becomes a bat with sharp things sticking out of one end. Sorry. Planned confrontation.

A note about calling a confrontation a civil war: it says that the rule of thumb for this naming requires more than 1,000 dead per year. I’d ask the FBI for the stats, but I couldn’t trust the report. Simply because to admit the true numbers would prove we’re in a civil war, which would also admit that our government is ineffective and a sham.

As to internecine, that requires both sides to lose bodies. Haven’t seen that yet – not in a headline way. Mostly one or two folk get seriously mugged and/or shot at a time. Had the nutjob with the car in C-ville killed a dozen or so, and the other side went for instant retaliation; now you’ve got ignition.