Might not want to consider the possibility, but I think it’s already here.

Consider: the beginning of the Anerican Civil War is generally thought to have been the attack of Fort Sumpter, but the animosity began years before. John Brown’s attack at Harper’s Ferry is a prime example.

Time-hop to the present (I think I’ll be doing a lot of this in this post.) You’ve got the extreme-right and extreme-left wanting to battle it out. Political and media cheerleaders in covert and overt collusion with their side of choice. The State police and military are in standby mode to maintain the status quo that barely exists. Additionally, there are plenty of external actors that would like to knock America off its pedestal.

That could be the rub. It’s not a gov’t to gov’t brawl. It’s citizens v. gov’t. So, to relabel: an insurrection or revolution. Mmm. Nah. An insurrection implies action against central authority. While there certainly is that, it’s not the agitators’ immediate goal. The efforts thus made are more like the building blocks of revolution. The similarities between the Russian Revolution and the alt-left; and pre-Nazi party on the alt-right are striking. With only minor changes in philosophy, you could imagine yourself back in either era (or both, if you choose to claim a split personality {dichotomy} ?)

Anyway, back to my basic question: not so much if, as when will open hostilities begin? The past fifteen months have had plenty of skirmishes. Two minor riots (yeah, try telling that to the folk who were there). And all of these actions had less deaths than the south/west sides of Chicago or Baltimore. Fact check me if you will. I have no reason to block comments.

Can you have a bloodless revolution? If history is a guide, the answer is an empiricle, NO. Who will take the “shot heard ’round the world” this time? Unlike the last civil war, this one will not be conducted using ‘rules of war’. If it escalates in the wrong way; if certain missteps are made by the ruling kleptocracy; Mexico AND Canada will build walls. China and India will have a blockade in the Pacific, the EU in the Atlantic. And all of them will just wait out The Purge, until there’s no one left to claim ownership of the remains.

Sorry if this was way too dystopian, but that’s the way I see it. Not some time in the future, but soon.