* A day after the posting below, I read this article, noting the reference to Kent State, which was sort of the impetus for the rant. *

Over a full month with nothing to post – sort of. Nothing is pretty absolute, and I could have spewed some short, worthless opinion of something in the news. I chose not to frankly because, everyone and everything needed a rant. It was too much trouble and effort. Between home life, work life, commute life, health life, etc.; there were many niggling tidbits that by themselves were not worthy of addressing. While some have been taken care of, new issues and problems advance to take their place. Meanwhile…

Living fifty miles away from the Great Political Swamp, I feel the humidity and hubris has hit capacity overload.

The conditions for violent revolt are ripe. Looking at American history of the past few decades, there’s been at least one good riot per decade. Yes, we’ve had Ferguson and Baltimore (and some mini-riots over in London that the MSM can’t be bothered to cover), but compared to Watts and Detroit, they’re non-starters. Riots are not color blind; technically, any protest that loses its focus becomes a riot. It’s important to note the difference between then and now. Protests, when done in an orderly, legal (with permission), and mostly calm fashion are still newsworthy. So why do protests escalate into riots?

Because one person loses their shit.

Doesn’t matter which side, only that one person goes a little too far prompting a like response. Then a couple of comrades try to help. Mob mentality ensues requiring a (supposedly neutral) third party to intervene. Enter: the Police (or any better armed force of your choice).

Police normally volunteer for their job because they want to help maintain the peace and enforce the rule of law. But, according to Charles Dickens, “The Law is an ass. The Law is a Batchelor”. (I really love that line from Oliver Twist. It rings so true and resonates deep within my constitution.) Law goes out the window with the loot when the violence begins. But the police today are not the benevolent police of yesteryear.

The police have always attracted people from the military. But today’s military are far different than their predecessors. Very trained and accustomed to using overwhelming force to achieve their objective. Meanwhile, the federal government has supplied and enabled the local forces with military grade hardware.

Yet, the political overseers have been able to restrain their active use. Again, different times. Back in the day (50’s-60s), the National Guard would be called out, which would escalate the violence. Today, all that’s required is for the police to change their uniform to riot duty. The national guard only get called to increase manpower.

Protestors / Rioters, on the other side, are composed of loose knit groups that have a bone to pick with the elites. Some bones are more valued than others. Some bones may even contradict what another group is protesting. In the end, the issues don’t matter because the riot is already in progress. And rioters, by example, are working from emotion – not logic.

In summary: mob rule is a misnomer, police benevolence is history, government is inept and mostly useless, and the final word is given when protestors give up and walk away. Riots: coming to a city near you.