As many of you who have been paying attention to the #attack outside the nation’s capitol, a number of politicians / lobbyists were shot by a disturbed individual. While I join with countless others expressing concern and sympathy for those affected, I would like to add one small tidbit.


Thankfully (as yet; 1900 EDT) no one has died, although some may be close. The dimwitted #media, never to disappoint are fitting in stupid questions alongside the basic 5Ws. But there is a sub-theme to the (american) reportage; the victims are #Republican / conservative, the shooter is only being identified (grudgingly / limitedley) as being a #Democrat (caveat: Sanders supporter) / liberal. 

Truly, my prediction didn’t use this scenario. Gun-toting democrat? Sounds like an oxymoron to me. Solo shooter? Expected, and as any #lawenforcement spokesperson will state; the hardest threat to plan for. And this guy planned well. Got in the area early, located soft targets, and went forward with his plan.

Another interesting data point: he tried to schedule an appointment with his elected rep. Multiple times. And was blown off as usual. Individual #citizens don’t count, unless the pol is kissing some baby’s ass in #flyovercountry. If you ever do want to formally schedule a meeting, you do it months in advance and at the pol’s state office. The odds of nabbing a confirmed appointment increase drastically. The meeting may still not happen due to scheduling conflicts, but you were close, like in horseshoes.

I question whether this incident comes under the heading of, “#theshotheardaroundtheworld”. Many verbal and physical skirmishes have occurred between left and right in recent memory. Going after the biggest dog is an amateur’s mistake. There will be copycats. I’m convinced of this. Just as I expect noncombatant casualties, whether planned or accidental, on #American soil.

The response for this is to remain vigilant. To follow #lawandorder. Up to the point where applying the tools of law and order, supercedes their mandate. If that happens, duck and cover. Because we will be experiencing the New and Improved* #AmericanCivilWar.