This has been a dismal Friday. And not because of the rain – it’s just the right amount – and nature only abuses the infestation of humans going about their daily business. Some of you may have had an easy day, but ninety-nine percent of us were feeling very stressed (according to my unscientific random sampling). The usual suspects were bantered about: full moon, other astrological affectations. I just chalked it up to too many positive ions dispersed among fewer people.

Then I made it home, fixed a snack for the one child, and went to peruse my Twitter news/opinion feeds (60/40,conservative/liberal). Also started adding random-ish, third level commenters, #wildcards, if you will.

Where I’m going with this is to try and disprove the conventional #mediatheory that we, the semi-literate public, are not processing news by independent thought. We select channels that support our present opinions. As I stated, I’m 60/40 about most anything (except my #stuffedcabbage, which is ‘The Best’: but it’s only a modified Campbell’s soup recipe.)

With that said, I tack in another direction: #SpringCleaning. Not house stuff – that’s beyond help in my house. But stuff, articles and stories that I made special notes of, to be returned to at a later time. Some are lurking in my Notes app, others I emailed to myself (there’s a bunch).

First on the list: #Animal Farm. Why? My elder daughter had it as an assignment a few months ago. And I was due for a refresher. So, back in December, the hogs were ever so active, literally and in reality. Non-spoiler; the ending is still depressing. I had also bookmarked, #1984. Didn’t read it because I found the early movie version (starring Edmund O’Brian) on YouTube.

The second marker was on #beermarinades. (Hope that link works.) What bothers me (wtf? Bother? Beer and Meat? Together?) is that the article states a positive outcome from two known negatives! Too much beer, BAD! Too much meat, BAD! But here, let’s put them together and hey, presto! Lead into gold! I wonder what would be the result of beer and vegetables? #beersmoothies ?