There’s been a lot of alt-conspiracy talk in the news of late.   The better / opinions have come from the Foreign Policy periodical. Lesser rags (mainstream media) try to glamorize it – Hollyweird style. And then others are trying (and succeeding) in replicating the old, dependable supermarket tabloid; the Weekly World News.

As a one-time employee of this so-called, ‘deep state’ (aka: the bureaucracy), I can safely assure you that a) it does exist, and b) it is better than ninety-five percent disfunctional. It isn’t that there are beings (I refuse to infer they are people, much less humans) in positions of leadership and authority world-wide that try to work certain agendas; it’s the historical problem of getting a bureaucracy to complete any action to support the ‘deep state’.

The failure comes from that old classroom exercise, where the teacher whispers a statement to one student, who (writes down what he/she) whispers it along until it reaches back to the teacher; who then compares what he said (previously written down) with what the last student wrote down. The two statements are usually highly different, with only a basic noun or two sharing the original statement.

I vaguely remember (during Bush the Elder’s reign) some talking head mentioned an old Arab saying, “What I say in public doesn’t matter.” Simply apply that phrase to any politician or bureaucrat, and you’ll have a gateway towards the truth. Not that you’ll be able to do much with it. 

So what (of all that)? It’s only to show the inclination of formally dressed gaggles of suits to commit actions of governance, and then lie that they had anything to do with (now legalized) stupidity. Another saying is, ‘all politics is local’. Which implies that national stupidity is a reflection of local stupidity. Or vice versa. 🤔