A Graphic That Has Nothing To Do With The Post, But Looks Cool Anyway


There’s the usual blog and Twitter postings going on about the ‘be-here-before-you-know-it’ Armageddon, as we march slowly ever onwards to January 20, 2017. The beauty in the collective posts is an almost 50/50 split among the great unwashed, as to who should be held accountable. Assuming a) Armageddon does happen and b) some group being held responsible; there’s got to be a timeline of events. It would be too much to ask for an East Coast earthquake, with fires erupting from the parapets, and an overwhelming stench of sulfur not directly attributable to the Bennington Road waste transfer station. Or is it the waste water treatment plant across the river? 

(Sure, Ed. But what does that have to do with the price of rice in Argentina? Or the title of this post?)

Well, to be brutally honest, I’ve only the faintest idea where I was going with it. Something along the lines of ‘the rats will begin to eat their own’ (politically speaking). And to freely admit my own misattributed reference to the phrase: I thought it went back to the Chinese purges c. 1980-1995. 

My supposed target, or theme, is the housecleaning that takes place during a regime change. If you take the time to think about the – and I believe I use this word correctly – hordes of political appointees and their kindred bureaucratic sycophants; there’s a hellava personnel turnover in the works. America has gone through this twice in this century: the turnover from Clinton to Bush43, and then Bush43 to Obama. Cynics and realists understand the process and the outgoing perps will find spots in their respective, liberal-based; think tanks, K-street pimps, or other dubious ‘non-profits’. The only difference between the present left/right shift and a right/left shift is the third option – change nonprofit to military-industry-cabal.

But back to this idea(l) of long-knives. Retribution taken to its extreme. Almost everyone from the inbreeding bubble that is Washington has, in one form or another, been against the idea/fact of Trump as President. As demonstrated by the first two partisan swaps, it’s more or less handled civilly. This go-round, much less so. Whether it is due to two presidential neophytes (accept Obama’s background when he stepped up to the plate in ’07), or the public/hidden agendas of their associated groups, the last thing I expect is for anyone to play by the rules.

And maybe that’s what the country needs. We are at the condition we’re in because we-the-people have allowed the elites carte blanche. Problem being, it’s hard to let go of the reins when you (or your cronies) have benefited from them for eight years.

I am concerned my thoughts about figurative long-knives may turn out to be a reality. If something physically bad happens to the incoming personnel (God forbid, and even if they think we’re deplorable…they’re detestable), who will be around to restabilize the government if the major factions take to open, physical attacks? Or will it be one or two sacrificial bodies, and a mostly hidden redistribution of the spoils?