But, after reading this article by Heather Digby Parton, I have to share. Those of you who have read my rants and conjectures may have guessed – correctly – that I tend to lean conservatively. Fiscal conservative; social liberal. Libertarian-ish, with a comfortable dollop of Deist, Taoist, Dumbest. {Why no, Ed. On anyone’s measuring stick, you stand out at the 50-yard marker, making a nuisance of yourself.}

She writes articles for a select group of people / publications (Salon) that have a communal mindset. Presumably, she makes more writing her posts than I do with my writing. But, I do this for fun, and maybe some shared enlightenment. Nope. Nope. Nope. Let’s just say I do this for fun.

I try to read opposing points of view, and generally understand – sometimes even agree with the other view (70/30 split). Compared to others (Mz. Parton), I must be a veritable honest and logical human with no biases to interfere with assessing anything. But her opinions, and I use the word only because I refuse to dignify her commentary with my moniker ‘rants’, defy; logic, common sense, rationality, decorum, and a slew of really bad words. I’m awed that she’s ‘out there’, and only a little ashamed that I cannot generate such vitriol – because I attempt to use logic and reason.

You can peruse her articles here.  I only want to address the recent one linked at the beginning. 

She’s managed to string a couple of other stories to support her idea that the presumptive new Titans of Government operate from the writings of Saint Ayn Rand; the fictional stories The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged. (Full disclosure: I’ve read both and seen the video of Shrugged. The books were cumbersome, the movie didn’t stink.) Mz. Parton erroneously assumes that a lot of people about to come into power treat these books as gospel.  The basic concepts (of Ms. Rand’s) that you should receive all the benefit of your personal hard work, and not steal thy neighbor’s stuff under cover of government edict are instead interpreted as historical recidivism, a return to the bad old days of private monopolies and worker exploitation. No mention or comparison of the last eight years’ crony communism – which is not exactly accurate. How about crony redistribution of public funds? Medical Insurance Complex? Military Industrial Complex? Cripes! All the questionable alliances even share the same acronym – MIC.

Which is, as you may know, a reference to the British slang phrase, “taking the mick” on someone. My closing question is, who’s taking the mick of ‘we the people’? Is it either or both of the complexes? Mz. Parton? All I know for certain, is I wouldn’t trust any of them further than I could spit into a hurricane.