I’ve put off even thinking about this post, due to reality biting us collectively in the ass. But, procrastination aside, we need to face (thunder effect) the future! It’s time for… The Polish Prognosticator’s Predictions for 2017!

10) The assassination call is still in play. It never really goes away, and I called it for 2016. Only two weeks to go, and I don’t see it happening until after January (1). But now, I include heads of industry.

9) Earthquake. Not the San Andreas – New Madrid, over St. Louis way. Caused by fracking. Remember that SyFy show from three years ago? It’ll look like that, but without the aliens.

8) The Running Man actually becomes a TV show. Probably starts in Japan, (Russia?  I wasn’t expecting it from there) and it’ll have ‘accidental’ violence. Once someone really dies in competition, they’ll pull the plug.

7) Honest to goodness sex education on cable TV. Maybe over in the Netherlands or Germany, it’ll be informative and graphic. No topic will be left untouched. But beastiality and pedophilia will only be discussed.

6) Russia establishes massive military presence in Syria. See Afghanistan.

5) Famine in… China? This one weirds me out. Something GMO crop + avian flu + odd weather pattern. Don’t even ask about North Korea. Too gross to think about.

4) Military coups in NW Africa. Sponsored by China, but disavowed. Why? Naval presence in Atlantic.

3) Money, money, money. Trickle-down economics reinstated, Trump tries to act like Reagan, the haves, have more of it.

2) Automated fast food sites appear. Instantly torched by unemployed workers. Sites rebuilt and armed guards are hired.

1) A European country will relax gun laws in response to immigration problems.

0) Interstellar travel warning extended to include all the nearest star systems to our planet, on possibility of contagion. Who knew we had a rep?

So it appears more of the same, although I don’t foresee any man-made environmental disasters. Hmm.