Mind, there’s still the pitter-patter of last gasp machinations from Camelot Redux. Something like fifty billion in extra appropriations for his eminence’s court favorites (that will assuredly get turned over by the end of January). Past administrations have made them, also the presidential pardons schtick goes into overdrive .

So, after the initial loser candidate reflections, news sort of dried up. Yeah, standard media blather about every possible statement/nuance/photo op. Childishness on a national scale. Childational? National was? Whatever. And then comes a couple of stories; one quaint, one predictable.

The quaint one is about a group of enterprising foreigners in Ghana that set up a makeshift American consulate. That’s ballsy. Like ‘Mission Impossible’ ballsy, pre-Cruise silliness. And they pulled it off for about ten years.

It didn’t take me long to see the coincidence. Ten years ago, a group of enterprising politicians started this era we are about to conclude. While I don’t believe for a second that one group has any connection with the other, a word keeps whispering to me. 


Then, the other story – Pentagon finance study covered up – is only too predictable. Does anyone remember Jack Anderson, an investigative journalist back in the 80’s? He would be on this story like sweet on honey. Unlike today’s media. I found this story on the Chicago Trib. A day and a half later, it’s on the front page of Yahoo. According to news trends of the past two decades, this story will evaporate shortly. Today, it’s  buried on page 32. Sad.

The idea I’m aiming for is that here are another two examples of incompetence at best, highly criminal at worst. The fake consulate was taken down, but answers to how they scored official paperwork and who were the clientele, needs investigating. Since it obviously involves State Department operations, they’ll be deeply involved. Foxes guarding the henhouse, more likely. Oh, and none of it can be publicized because of either national security or an internal personnel matter. Did I mention the leadership that wasn’t aware of the situation? Past eight years, black man, white woman? Hopefully they weren’t directly involved, but it’s their biased bureaucracy that screwed this pooch.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon coverup is simply one more instance of small minded drones protecting their rice bowls. I’ve seen it aplenty in the past thirty years. Nothing changes. Listening to who is getting SecDef, or other Pentagon associated positions ensures this will be christened (or spun) as an ‘opportunity’.

Then, over in Italy, a spectacularly disfunctional government if there ever was, got its PM to quit – because he wanted to cut and streamline the government (he was interviewed on 60 minutes last week – very impressive) BUT. Too many people are involved in the pseudo-graft. It was not in their interest to upset the apple cart (and lose their phoney – baloney, high money government jobs {I didn’t get a harrumph outta that guy}.

In fact, as I review this cherry picked list, the only place(s) I hear noise from is the Left. Not just center-Left, or staunch Left, or even the dependable radical Left. If somebody farts to the right on the NY subway, the Left is all over it like a pack of hunting dogs. Only problem is, whenever they gather en masse, all they do is sniff each other’s butts.

No conclusions or predictions from this post. I’m going to attempt some ideas that may come true for the year 2017. (Okay, the years’ digits add up to ten. This numerology page has some interesting things about 10. Then, there’s El Jefe-elect’s birth date; June 14, 1946 = 40, but it’s his astrological profile, compared to the upcoming year that just gave me chills.)