A long hard slog it’s been, this silliness / insanity we put ourselves through every few years.  But laying here on a fine post-election Saturday, I fell back on one of my bad habits: thinking.

Trump has parroted the line that the (election) system is rigged. The main parties, the media, big money, Hollyweird – they all play their parts. We, the gullible proles, believe this – or not – depending on what side we align ourselves. 

Prior to Tuesday, conservatives agreed with the claim, liberals laughed it off (even when presented with evidence: emails, Nevada, the nightly news, etc.). Now, to the fun part.

  • Trump elected = election rigged.
  • Trump elected = election not rigged.
  • Clinton elected = election rigged.
  • Clinton elected = election not rigged.

One out of four should be correct. I omitted the alternate four choices because they would simply duplicate the above, with different wording. Or would it?

  • Trump not elected = election rigged.
  • Trump not elected = election not rigged.
  • Clinton not elected = election rigged.
  • Clinton not elected = election not rigged

Hmm. Two-out-of-eight (25%) chance for the truth. Bullet #2 wins the day. Now what? Trump has repetitively stated the system is rigged. Yet ‘he’ won. Yet he says the system is rigged. Yet he won. 

I feel like I’m Captain Kirk (TOS) with Harry Mudd on the planet of the androids, where Kirk tells the prime android that Everything Harry says is a lie – then Harry leans over and whispers “I’m lying”.

So, two demands to the president elect: a) prove your claims that the system is corrupt, indict and trial the suspects, and jail the guilty (there are plenty of empty prisons to fill); b) on failure to conclusively complete ‘a’, find yourself guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors, and step down from the Presidency.

It’s put up or shut up, slick.