I’m in a happy place right now. I’ve tuned out of the horror show that is the Election of 2016. Future historians will call this ‘The Great Farce’, or maybe just ‘The Farce’. This entire day, I’ve managed to tune out of the circus. Woke up, left for work – via the polling place, drove to work with no radio. Stayed off the internet all day (aside from this), and am binge watching old Man From UNCLE episodes.

Why didn’t I start this sooner? Tomorrow will come soon enough with its self-important braying of (insert candidate here) WON!

It won’t be my candidate. This I can safely say. My concern is not for the state of the nation; that will run on the fumes of the bureaucracy. Instead, it’s the perception of both the citizens of America and of the rest of the world. The die cast, the decision made, the future undetermined. Shakespear’s line from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, “Lord, what fools these mortals be!” could be retitled ‘A Winter’s Delusional Disorder’.

Imagine what the next four years will entail. Every choice, every action taken by the winner will be under intense scrutiny, world-wide. Interests within and without will make countering moves. Actually, the moves have been happening for some time now. About eight years, if you want a number. The perception of America is muddled. The facts are obvious taken one at a time. Amalgamated, it’s impossible to figure out a direction to aim for.

When you look at history, the Roman’s “bread and circuses” routine is pretty blatant. When you look at our present, all you see is a circus. Without a tremendous change, I believe the end of this empire is near. Outrageous statement to make, but think about Rome and the end of their empire. One day, the great empire’s power ruled far and wide – then, bits and pieces start to break away. Groups re-form into city states, feudalism reigns for a couple of centuries. What will the North American feudal state look like?

It’s entirely possible that we will see a successful bid for a dissolution of some of the USA. If a large segment of the population focus on a single geographic area, they could insist on nationhood. (There’s a wiki page about all the secessionist movements the US has put up with.) It won’t be a Bundy standoff, but an actual state legislated movement. Either that, or internecine warfare. Now that I type that, it seems much more reasonable. Frederik Pohl wrote ‘The Cool War‘ back in ’72. We’re already in that scene, just that most of the sheep are unaware.