This weeks’ missive may will be more disjointed than usual. Amongst my vast, numerically enhanced, thoughtful articles perused (I read way too much crap this past week – consciously avoiding NaNoWriMo preparations). This idea of morality, IMHO, has become entirely stale – in some cases, like politics – festeringly rancid. Gangrenous pols swarmed with feeding maggots that devour the body politic.

Morality has taken a tremendous public beating, probably for the last sixty years. That’s publicly. Morality drives character; and as Dr. Emilio Lazardo said in that classic movie ‘Buckaroo Banzai’ – “Character is what you are in the dark!” Or what you choose to do when no one is looking.

In a nutshell, what used to pass for morality in America, those peccadilloes kept discreetly behind drawn shades, has gone out the window. Individually, if we do not subscribe to some regimen that promotes general improvement to ourselves and our environment, we only end up with a character-less self. A self that seeks immediate gratification, that steps on the throat of any other that might challenge our self-appraised image of ourselves.

The action(s) we take unto others can be titled skirmishes. As little as who should pass through a doorway first, or campaign ads for president. Most, if not all skirmishes are pointless. How trite is it to get the closer parking spot, or to have ‘your’ candidate win? In the latter, you have short term bragging rights. Whoop-fucking-eee. The latter mid-term, has your personal life environment improved? Even the tiniest bit? The long-term isn’t much different: has the group/national status quo improved? History’s examples (let’s call it the past 50 years) suggest it’s a toss up. Skirmishes, depending on circumstances, are, unless you’re willing to go all the way, useless exercises. Like these final political adverts, none of them focus on a candidate’s platform. They do deride and dismiss their opponent.

{Okay Ed. 2 for 3 from your title. Now what’s this bit about a future war?}

Well, wars tend to occur when civil discourse breaks down. And if ever there was an example of a breakdown, these past two years are a classic demonstration. So – who fires the first shot or throws the first cocktail? Who will be the ‘referees’ that try to arbitrate? When the body politic has no faith in the institution of government, and even less in foreign arbitrators , where do you get an impartial party?

This war will be different. Yes, there’ll be assassinations, arson, large and small riots (I’m actually looking forward to see if Caucasians can riot effectively). Because this’ll be the 2nd American Civil War, will the present military structure hold? And without a definitive, legal government in place, who would they be beholden to?

Depending on the length and amplitude of the fight, basic services will teeter or break. Food shortages, gas lines, restricted travel, things previously found in socialist-trending nations, will occur and be televised. Amplifying the effect even more.

There’s an old Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times.” 

Stay low, treat strangers with politeness and respect. You might get through this.

Last note: it’s near the end of game 7 of the World Series. Tie game at the end if the 8th.

GO CUBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’