I’m saddened by this article from The Economist. It’s very accurate and insightful. It’s also – how can I put it – insulting, posturing, supporting Clinton (report a ‘truth’ often enough, even more voters believe it).

The Richmond Times had another short editorial on Gary Johnson; comparing him against the front runners. Trump displayed idiocy; Clinton displayed mawkishness. Even if his foreign affairs background is non-existent, the same claim was made against Obama in 2008. (Beware repeating history, though).

Johnson’s draw is more homeland centric. Beyond getting this country back up and running, the rest of the world will take second, or even less importance. It wouldn’t be a protectionist border, but it would be an American infrastructure, first.

Speaking of American infrastructure, part of that term includes the workers of the nation. A group that is so ignorant of government, much less the subset topic of elections – they’re convinced of the worthiness of the duopoly system. Change can come incrementally (as is at present) or it comes from a catastrophic event(s). What kind of event would cause the great unwashed to disavow the present machine and embrace a new direction?

{I return to this draft thirteen days later. It is difficult to remember much about this rant, other than how even a respected publication can let bias slip by the editors.}

Re-reading the first article again helped. Reading the updated comments helped more, and not in a good way. The commenters, by their posts, end up validating the article. 

Back to my decidedly un-lucid typing: what does it take to convince the people to abandon the major party selections? The choices are: abrogate the vote (and get ready for a tidal wave of bumper stickers ‘Don’t blame me – I didn’t vote for XXX’); vote 3rd party (same bumper stickers apply); write-in a name (usually reserved for the full radicals that already believe voting is a sham).

And a sham it shall be. And the pundits / politicians shall beat their breasts and decry ‘I tried to do my best, but the system wouldn’t let me.’ And the sheeple shall again have naught. So typeth the impotent ranter.