I wanted to title this with something funny, but reading this article, while humorously pointing out the machine-created cannibals candidates…  can’t do it. Just over a month to go. It’s been fun’n’games up till now, and I will admit to enjoying the circus immensely.

What I expect to see in the very near future is not good. Without pointing at potential targets, just a reminder: if you see something, say something (do something if you are in a position to do so). Normally, I despise the saying, but we are in anything but a normal situation. Okay – too serious by far. If you don’t go to the linked article, at least let me show you their graphic(s). {Apologies to Ms. Stein – they didn’t include you, and truthfully most voters wouldn’t consider you. Also, two thumbs up for getting arrested for protesting. THAT is a true measure of a leader who is willing to assume great lengths for their opinions.}