Reading my feeds in Twitter, I get this link from the Richmond Times Dispatch. They broke ranks from their normal stance, usually on the Republican ticket. Just look up Eric Cantor from the House campaign two years ago, see all the free support he got (have to note here that he’s connected to the owners of the paper and has (or had) stock in the corporation).

The major media players stick to the script they’re handed by the machine. Mostly. The LA Times parroted the Richmond position (without giving their position), which is surprising. It’s worthy to note that Richmond didn’t claim to be the first paper to endorse, but LA led with it. The Boston Globe, Washington Post, and the New York Times were already in bed with the DNC during the planning stages. But FOX News had Jill Stein, the Green candidate, on this morning – which mildly startled me – until I realized that they couldn’t lose, giving her air time. She doesn’t have a real chance of winning, but she can make statements against the front runners.

If I ruled the roost, I would include both third parties to the upcoming debates. Think about it. You’d have arrested bluster from one, dodgy answers from another, then two people without much stupid baggage providing insightful information on how they would reform the government. [Update: a few days later, the DNC is having a meeting to discuss replacing Clinton based on the outcome of her illness(es). Almost gives me hope of reform.

But reform on what terms? The current President has been reforming for eight years, and what do we have to show for it? A prelude to the 2nd Civil War. But this next war is different, in that there’s more than two sides fighting, and the goals of each group, while similar, focus on one theme; ‘all for me and screw you too’.

A misattributed Chinese curse suggests; “May you live in interesting times.” If only didn’t depend on the times.