I wanted to title this post ‘Banana Republic®‘ but as you see, they hold a registered trademark on the term. I think I could use it, considering I want to use it in the original, political definition. So, in coming up with something in the same vein, I searched for Bananaland. It too is being used, but not trademarked or anything (yet). Anyway, welcome to the U.S.B. – the United States of Bananaland (not to be mixed up with USB devices).

While reading Twitter feeds over the weekend, I came upon this article. I don’t know how long the State Dept. has issued advisories and warnings (probably since the beginning), and I assumed that other major world powers did the same thing. To have other countries analyze the current state of U.S. affairs and issue their own warnings – I believe that now qualifies us as a second-world country. There is no more first-world. Not in the sense of how the definition was first created.

Based on the wiki definition, this is a political separation as well as an economic one. While there are still formal political divisions, the economic ones are continuing, growing mightily. With lessening economic power from the former first-world; increased power from the previously grouped second-world; theoretically we should be seeing some sort of parity. Everybody equal, kumbaya. Which would be true if the price of labor were equal across the planet.

I digress. Actually, I went totally off the rails. This isn’t supposed to be about globalization and the U.S.’s place in the hierarchy of things. It’s supposed to be about the changes currently underway. The motives and methods that made America the last first-world power have been challenged and found wanting, mostly from a social view. It ignores the fact that baser instincts – modified by what society accepts as norms – among the human animal are what made America great. The new norms restrict the old methods (which is a good thing) without providing for something equal or better. Thus, decline. Yeah, it’s a simplistic idea and I’m certain that others can cite studies, etc. that would point out that I’m full of shit.

The rest of the planet is now on notice that America isn’t the land of dreams. It never was and shouldn’t have been advertised as such. America is also on notice that there are new norms – some undefined, but need to be defined soon – that affect how we, as humans, go about our daily lives. Otherwise, add a few junta or cabal, shake violently, and wait for it to explode.