Today’s story comes from Politico, a somewhat biased source. They tend to sway to the right, but sometimes they stick to the facts. This is one of those times.

The audacity of the infinite instances of impropriety – much less the obvious collusion and conspiracy of Clintonites, insult the honor and integrity of every single American.

If the average John or Jane was, let’s say, being investigated by the IRS and the Attorney General’s office on the subject of tax evasion and influence peddling in the halls of Congress, a goddamn division of armed (and masked) thugs would attack your house and office – carting away every single item, down to the last lintball on the carpet for ‘analysis and investigation’.

Yeah, they’d have a warrant with a vaguely worded ‘probable cause’ declaration. Enough that a lowest level judge wouldn’t stop it. Also, you be at least arraigned and have your passport confiscated. Just in case your sick aunt in Ecuador wanted you to come visit.

So, we have two lifelong political hacks – that started during Watergate (don’t you love the irony?) hiding and destroying records and information, imposing rules of secrecy that would make La Cosa Nostra burst with pride. They operate a private ‘non-profit foundation’ (wink-wink) that for some reason, can’t disclose its funding. Gee. If the USO & the Red Cross can disclose their accounting, why can’t the Clintons?

Could it be possible that there might have been some unethical dealings? Maybe they could find some underlings to throw under the bus, but the foundation is in their name! What happened to taking responsibility for actions done under your watch? When Harry Truman said, “the buck stops here”, he implied that he was ultimately responsible for things that occurred within his administration. The Clinton famiglia says, “we don’t have the buck, we never saw the buck, and ‘you don’t have anything on us, copper!”

We have a massive display of hutzpah from the State Department on the email request. Around the same time, an ex-president and the current Attorney General delay their respective flights in Pheonix (which is definitely not the same as holding a bus or taxi), so they can chat about their grandchildren and Bill’s working the 19th hole?! Bullshit, Right?

Going back to the division of agents collecting potential evidence – as a citizen, I DEMAND that the raids (At the foundation, their homes, offices, hell – every toilet they ever used) be authorized and conducted immediately. And if by the astronomical chance nothing is found (by that I mean odds greater than MegaMillions and Powerball put together), they can go through the same process all other Americans go through to retrieve their property and ‘rebuild’ their lives. But no apologies from the agencies that did it. The State never does that.

If the extension is granted, then the odds of Clinton being elected go from the present 50/50 to 80/20 or more. When Nixon resigned, Ford granted him a pardon. But if the sinister one is in power, can she retroactively claim all that old data as executive privileged communications? And if that doesn’t work, can she grant herself a pardon? The amazing thing is that politicians have – possibly for the first time in this planet’s history – learned from historical mistakes. The current cabal all started their careers in the age of Watergate.

After eight years of Obie, I find his scorecard lacking. As anyone on the pro circuit will tell you, if your card isn’t correct for the judges, you get disqualified. Hillary doesn’t play golf (to my knowledge). So, she doesn’t have an official scorecard. But she might end up having a rap sheet.