hillholmsberg prison






On the left, a DNC approved, hotel reservation for any ‘troublemakers’ that get asked to leave the Philadelphia convention. 100 beds, no waiting. On the right, a wishful thinking picture from some of the far or middle right. What is so Kafka-esque is the powers-that-be have peremptorily staged this. Oh worry-worry, what shall become of the DNC when the protest groups, all that have been presently identified as left-leaning, show up. According to the present Wiki page for the Demo-convention, there are five. Over at the Repub-convention Wiki, they are expecting a dozen or more. The Cleveland police have purchased a bunch of vans to collect protesters. The Philly cops will probably commandeer some school buses.

What, no pre-reserved jail spaces in Cleveland? I find it hard to believe that Philly has less currently open jail spots than Cleveland. So why announce the temporary facility at the Holmesburg prison?

To the common person (if they exist anymore), it’s a measure of good old law & order exercising some alertness by getting ready for any trouble. Plays well with the folk out in Allentown. To anyone involved with the present circus / conspiracy, it represents one thing: fear. The DNC apparatchiks are implying, test us and feel the belt. The DNC refuses to even share any aspect of the upcoming coronation. Do they not comprehend how jackbooted it all looks.

Meanwhile, over at the other tent, they really do have an expectation of violent protests…from leftist groups and organizations. Will those protesters be vilified or honored in the mainstream press? We know the answer to that already. Where / when are the right-wing protesters at Hillary’s camp? Nowhere. Why? Because they don’t want to hand the Dems any potential ammunition.

It’s a little disjointed, as a proper rant should be. As sure as there were lions in the Coliseum and football hooligans (rioters) at the 2016 UEFA games, there’s gonna be a fight a-comin’. It’s what the networks want. Apparently it’s what Americans want. I can only wonder about the rhetoric that preceded the outbreak of the Civil War. Will history repeat itself?