The one thing I learned when stationed in Thailand, was when the Saturday night Thai boxing matches came on TV, I always bet on red. I bet with the local soldiers that had the afternoon off, and we all kicked back with brews and typical bs about the different fighters. They figured I was an easy mark, being a farang, and not understanding the intracacies of the sport. After about two weekend of losing more that winning, I noticed a pattern. More often than not, the kid in red shorts won (whether points or TKO). I changed my betting; 90-10 on red. Even if the kid in red had a crappy fight history. Over the course of six weeks, I cleared about $1,000 American. Then, I couldn’t get any action. I was blessed (or cursed, depending on who you talked to.

Fast forward to tonight. Mexico vs. Chile playing a quarterfinal in Santa Clara. I caught most of it, from the 11th minute. Mexico is pulling a similar North Korean Olympic move – handily losing to Chile. The NK team lost 0-7 against Portugal awhile ago, and were summarily treated with loads of sympathy.

On the one hand, these things happen. On the other hand, a seven point loss has been known to upheave nations.