Maybe it’s because I’m getting older, maybe because of the continual onslaught of humanity’s stupidity, but my rant-o-meter doesn’t want to kick in as often as it should.

I’ve started to make this posting twice before, but defeat and / or dejection stayed my fingers. And Reddit is becoming a big time waster. At least I don’t view it at work; so I got that going for me, which is nice.

But. Onward and downward into today’s litany of offenses to our collective decency – or intelligence, if there is any left.

First up: from today’s #MeetthePress; Rep. Donna Edwards (D., Md.) said that she had no idea she was a Democratic superdelegate.

{Please, take all the time you need to let that sink in.}

How in the (expletive deleted) can a politician not know what their responsibilities are?! Especially after being in office past their freshman introductory phase. I feel that any time an elected or appointed official shows signs of abject stupidity, they should be put into time-out, until such time as they are clinically cleared. And if not cleared beyond a reasonable doubt, they become burdens, uh, I mean, wards of the State.

Further down the rabbit hole; the upcoming #Olympics. First, a disclaimer: I like #Brasil and its people. With that said… What were they thinking when they bid for this year’s Olympics? About the only place where pollution could be worse is in Mexico City. I mean, we’ve already done Beijing. Assuming the water-related athletes survive, who can / will be held responsible for the maladies that will surely appear in the future? I can hear the future Olympics lawyers, “…they were made aware of the risks, and they chose to compete anyway.”

#LancelotLink, Secret Chimp. Da-da, daa, dat-da-da-da, dat. Okay, he was a gorilla, but the #MagillaGorilla theme doesn’t have words.

#Harambe, the #CincinnattiZoo animal shot while frolicking with a wandering child. My two cents: most zoos work a balancing act between hosting an adequate animal enclosure and providing viewing opportunities for visitors. While it is a terrible shame they took the action they did, human safety comes first (so, enclosure = fail). To the haters who vilify the mother, they would probably vilify her if she had her child on a safety leash.

What else. Oooooh! The weather! While I’m not a #climatechange denier, I’m not an advocate either. But, WTF!? Flooding in Texas and France? Wildfires in western Canada? And the North American hurricane season is starting. I’d like to attribute it to the #HAARP program, but they shut that down a few years ago (or so I read). Anyway, summer’s here and I’ll be sweating for the next three months. Bleah.

For a closing rant, movie continuity. They even have paid positions to track the script, you see them in the credits all the time (assuming you read the credits like I do 😞 I gotta get a life). So, why does Independence Day 2 have a character that died in the first movie. At least in the trailer commercial, they have the hippie scientist  (Brent Spiner doing a great job as Dr. Brakish Okun) from Area 51 doing something. Sorry. He was dead, and had a tentacle up his ass while the alien spoke through his body.

Annnnnnnnnd, I answer my own rant. While searching for an image

of the good doctor, I find the article that somewhat explains it. Sorry. Not buying it. It’s sloppy workmanship. Okun was only incapacitated on the floor when Baldwin checks for a pulse? Gotta remember: suspend normal beliefs when going to the movies. Or reading this blog.