Courtesy of this article in the Richmond-Times Dispatch (I do like their title; the ‘Dispatch’ makes it sound imperative that we get all the news), all these years I’ve been voting for myself – I’ve been doing it wrong.

Not that I had great expectations about my campaign(s), they were more of the “I’m the only politician I trust.” Even the one time I actually investigated the basic rules for county supervisor, I could only summon up thirty signatures out of 120. Tried to do it on the cheap – one of the main pillars of my campaign.

But with all the legal (and probably illegal) machinations this election season, could we simply overlook this rule? Compared to the other vote manipulation, this would actually empower voters.

It’s not that I want the job – I would definitely come across as Mussolini. Kind of fascist-lite. Or maybe a benevolent despot ala Trump. I would not be a paid off shill like ‘She Who Should Not Be Named.’ 

Which leaves us with the formally, somewhat organized ‘minor parties.’ The Greens, Libertarians, Constitutionalists, and many, many more. They get zero press coverage. Or if mentioned, it’ll be in a derogatory fashion. Why is this?

The electronic media. It’s an accepted fact that most voters don’t read. Or even delve into the written record of candidates. Solution? Ban TV and radio adverts or infomercials for candidates. FORCE the drooling proles to do some basic studying about the subjects. It won’t happen in my lifetime though. Why?

Money. Power. Connections. Control the medium, control the message (and control thought). The intertwined elites operate in a parallel reality. As illuminated by the Panama Papers, there is a whole other stratum where people who don’t shop at Wallymart live and thrive.

There is a news blurb that came out late today. I didn’t read but the headline which said, “Johnny Depp say if Trump is president, he’ll be the last one.” I thought about that, and our presidential lineage of the past 100 years. 

Almost without exception, it has been the place of brash, bold, and sometimes belligerent personages that have managed to promote and increase America’s stature around the world. Those that can be labeled ‘milktoasts’ have diminished our stature, and ever more importantly, our leverage.

It’s leverage that gets a person elected. Whether Clinton gained it through honest or other means is besides the point (for now). Trump has some leverage, but you can’t buy votes, no matter how much advertising you use. The junior parties have to hoard their funds until the last minute, which provides them no leverage at all.

I, of course, will vote for myself again. True, it is an act of futility, but it permits me to be true to myself – and not beholden to the Beltway Gangs.