I suppose I should call it a relaxing weekend. I spent most of Saturday sleeping. I blame the cat, Chloe. Or the dreary, wet weather. Or my wife. At least with the cat or my wife, it’s their snoring that can put me out. And vice versa.

On to Sunday, the day of talking heads, a DVR of the Metropolitan Opera’s ‘Aida’, followed by the movie; Exodus: Of Gods and Kings.

I cooked a simple brunch of ham and eggs, English muffin optional. My wife cooked dinner, a comfort food stir-fry of kielbasa, potatoes, cabbage, and onion. Normally I grace it with yellow mustard, but I kicked it up a notch with Sriratcha mustard. Like I said, comfort food.

Between us, we also got some laundry done. Sounds like a lot, but in spits and spats, it wasn’t bothersome. Until later in the evening, when she was doing some paperwork that required tracking a paycheck from last August.

Now, a little backstory. When we first got hitched, most of the bills and income came from my side. All fine and well for the first year or so, until she made a statement that she felt ‘out of the equation’ (not an exact quote), and wanted more control of the finances.

Me, being dedicated to a balanced marriage and rather relaxed about finances (as long as there was a surplus at the end of the month, everything was fine), I added her name to the accounts and bills. Over the course of time, she’s worked a number of home-based businesses which required her to file detailed tax returns. If it were up to me, I’d file ax EZ form, and wait for my refund check

So back to tonight. She’s been trying to determine if my latest employer stiffed me on my first two weeks. The direct deposit hadn’t kicked in, so there had to be a mailed check. Except I misplaced or tossed the statement part of the check. My fault. Finally found a copy of the deposited check and made a pdf. Crisis averted. Shouldn’t have reached this level, as she has access to the accounts.

Trying to mellow out now. Figured I’d blather out here for a change. Also, I didn’t want to drop the ball after the #atozchallenge. I may not post daily, but I do have to aim for something better than this past winter.