Zee end. (said with ze outrageous French accent)

No, not really. Not of this excellent(?) blog anyway. But for the letter Z, we should pick something special.

Following extensive research, I deliver unto you the perfect summation and definition of this blog and the #atozchallenge.

zxnrbl in Technology

/sner’b*l/ Incorrect data introduced by transmission errors; any corrupted or uninterpretable data.
The word originated in a 1978 advertisement for a Mockingboard, which “makes frogs croak, princesses shriek, and martians zxnrbl.”
“It’s not misspelled on the original page. The Internet must have zxnrbled it on the way to you.” (1997-03-16)

(zxnrbl. Dictionary.com. The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing. Denis Howe. http://www.dictionary.com/browse/zxnrbl (accessed: April 27, 2016).

Yeah, you could say that I just reached out into thin air and grabbed the first thing from the dictionary.  You’d be wrong – it was like the third or fourth. Unfortunately, unlike this blog, it makes perfect sense. Or it is the perfect excuse. Kind of like the government:

“Please excuse any rules, laws, or commandments, as they may have encountered zxnrbl on being explained to you. Furthermore, you are responsible for following the laws that you may have zxnrbled. Last, any failure to follow the laws may result in financial penalties and or forfeiture of personal freedoms. (They never seem to have trouble making that last sentence crystal clear.)

This closing picture may or may not be an example of zxnrbl:


But it could explain so many, many things.