The adoption of a new title for elected officials. From everyone from Clerk of Courts to the President of the United States. And it’s not so much as a title change, as it’s a temporary name change while in office. I propose that after being elected, the title still applies, but their name changes to one generic name.


President Yusuk; Secretary of State Yusuk; Sherriff Yusuk, etc.

There’s some demented logic in my proposal.


First, simplicity. Two syllables; you-suck. Anyone can pronounce it, which leads to point number two. It’s devoid of nationality. Being a created name, it has no legacy to drag around. It also follows that it is nongender, nondenominational, and non-race.

It would streamline campaign rallies. All supporters would only have to remember one name regardless of party affiliation. Reporting on the candidates or post-election officials would be similarly affected. Whenever a story is written, the gist of it becomes immediately apparent.

Yusuk exemplifies the ruling classes. Yusuk defines the voting masses. Yusuk even represents this blog post! Yusuk should be on everyone’s lips. Intelligent, erudite, and involved people should be thinking: Yusuk!