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of or relating to structural adaptations of xerophytes that help them store water and withstand drought.

I found this an interesting word choice based on an article I read a couple of weeks ago. 
 We have arrived on Tatooine! Moisture vaporators galore and at an expedient cost

I rarely use this term but, ‘f___ing brilliant!’ is the only expletive that describes this inventor/invention. My first reaction is: follow the money. Why isn’t the U.N. dropping millions on this?  I assume it’s simply politics and bureaucracy. But I have another long-term question. Simple meteorology; there’s moisture everywhere on this dust spect of a planet, so theoretically this system could work anywhere. But. It can’t work in cold extremes – water freezes. Can it work in a desert, the Gobi for example. I have a hunch that it won’t. That leaves tropical and subtropical. 

Still a good deal of potential beneficiaries. Depending on where you live, 25 gallons a day is a huge commodity.

Yet I have reservations. Based on the zero sum game theory, if you gain water in one place, you have to lose water someplace else. Where?