Temporarily Tawdry. Tempestuous Time-card. Tannin Tea. Tired, tired, tired. Also Tardy. I started this yesterday, and woke up to see this was going to be published in Twelve minutes.


Not me snoring, but could be.
Today (yesterday) was just a Troublesome day. Based on events that occurred throuhout the week (started last Wednesday). 3 troubling work orders came down the pike, dealing with the 3 new systems being implemented.

One’s not a big problem, but 2 & 3  are as irritating as can get. And I Technically can’t fix them – I’m just the poor bastard in the middle. None of this has to do with the letter T.

Tender Tendons. For some reason my legs ache, as I lay here waking up at noon. Watching a newer version of ‘Rigoletto’ on PBS. It’s been years, decades actually, since I saw it in person. The costumes / sets are all early 20th century. Interesting Twist.

Taken Together, this has been another rambling rant. No Thought being Taken to Theme or Tenacity to this diaTribe (okay I’m really reaching here). Tomorrow will be beTTer. Truly 😎