Rants Unto The Ether! What else?

So, the backstory. The original blog was called ‘Extrapolated Consiousness’. My theme, such as it was, to examine human conditions and see where I got from there. Oh, how noble, forward thinking, and a liberal salting of Zen. Does Zen need salt? Occasionally. Part of acknowledging this Yin side of my psyche required having some Yang swinging about, using the world as its toilet and so on. What exemplifies the opposite of a soothing, controlled discussion about the psyche?

scream2A Rant! But a rant tends to focus on things. Things that affect or effect ones psyche from the physical world. Bombarded as we are from everything in and out of the cosmos, there was plenty of ammunition to supply the parapets.

As to the rest of the title, I could have kept it boring and simple: A Rant; Rants and Ravings; Rasputin Rants Religiously, etc.  But, who were to be my prospective audience? Hopefully not all like myself, as I dislike toadies. I hoped for open minds / spirits that would call me out when I got something wrong, partly wrong, or the inevitable ‘you suck, I’m not following you anymore ‘. To lump those disparate groups and where they reside, was simply the Ethernet – ether for short. Also, the word Ethernet made it too techy.

What else to describe this blog? Political rants seem to be most prevalent, if only it being such and easy target. Education, the arts, consumerism, sociology round out more areas. I try not to limit myself and also welcome subject suggestions.

Last, my influences when it comes to writing. Lots of dead people, some near to death, very few youngsters (I.e., anyone younger than me). In no particular order or rank: Dickens, Conan Doyle, Asimov, Bradbury, Mark Twain, Mencken, H.S.Thompson, Fred Reed, William Buckley, and anyone who gets a byline in Salon magazine – to provide me some insight into how ‘those others’ think.

My picture on this blog’s homepage is actually cribbed from a Hunter Thompson Google search. In my prime, I had the aviator sunglasses, the ‘stash, and instead of a cigarette holder, I smoked unfiltered French Gauloises cigs, with my cheap Mekong whisky.