Primary Day! (New York) or, Is It Over Yet?

The second of the big delegate states (the first being Texas I guess) is happening. I’m actually composing this on Sunday, after missing the talking head shows earlier. Feels good missing nothing important. Not like wondering where the next big earthquake is going to occur. (Slightly unrelated sidebar; if fracking is causing an uptick in seismic activity in Oklahoma, why hasn’t Saudi Arabia sunk beneath the sands?)

But back to world cringing election news. Nah, I’m already bored with it. NEW TOPIC!

 P is for pizza! Something that almost all of us can get behind. Except for those couple of years after I got sick from eating slices and hot dogs at some party (I was maybe, 9), I’ve eaten the staple around the world. (Japan, what were you thinking? And how can I cure myself from a seafood pizza jones? – Shakey’s is still going strong!

But I’m going to alienate a few of you, and declare my appreciation of the oft maligned anchovy pizza. With mushrooms and onions, if anyone is buying. Alas, majority rules in much of America. The primary chains won’t carry it.  Won’t even put it on if you bring your own (reminds me of that Thanksgiving in ’82 when I asked if Domino’s would make me a turkey pizza – they couldn’t, health regs and all).

Linkage. (Not sausage linkage, hold the sausage, double bacon 😛.) From yesterday’s post, I looked at the ‘international’ aspect of the term OK. Today, the internationalization of pizza. With these two components and a few beers, the planet could be at peace. Shoot, even if space aliens came on down, once we settled on toppings that wouldn’t kill either species, we’d probably have a good time.

Granted, that I started with chain pizzerias, and my personal malfunction with their menu ingredients. I have neglected to mention the many fabulous independent pizzerias that are out there. Unfortunately, none are near my home. The closest, 25 minutes away; the best, 5 minutes from work (and an hour away from home).

I’m also forgetting to include ‘roll your own’. Be it handmade dough or English muffin pizza, canned sauce or slow-cooked fresh, if the businesses can’t feed your jones, you have to solve it for yourself.

Politics be damned! I’ll have mine with extra anchovies.