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Mistaken (for the) Messiah.

{Origin: < Late Latin (Vulgate) Messīās < Greek Messī́ās < Hebrew māshīaḥ literally, anointed}

I was reading somebody’s article or blog (if I stumble across it again, I’ll paste it in) about how we (Americans) don’t go around with a monarchy for state functions,  and maybe we should. We saddle the president or the VP with the tasks, sometimes a lesser cabinet figure. The pomp and circumstance of the state is, for some silly reason, continued and encouraged.

The people, through voting, are choosing their leader in a supposedly democratic fashion. Yet within the system, there are factions fighting for their ideal of a chosen one. And ignoring the voice of the people! What nerve! What audacity! Who are we to vote for the next messiah?

Isn’t that what’s really going on here?

It seems that we’ve been raised to expect salvation from our elected.  Woe unto us, deliver us from {insert your personal failures or evils here}, in the name of the President, the Congress, and the Supreme Court, Amen. #atozchallenge