Losers. Depressing thought. Nobody should be a loser. Yet, for 90% of the American populace that’s what we are.

We’ve allowed ourselves to be duped by the elite 10%. The ‘normal’ way to better our lot in life has been high-jacked. Vaguely possible to earn anything, much less a living wage. Almost possible to save a portion of earnings. Finding an affordable place to live, food, transport use up what’s left. Have a medium serious episode (car repair, hospital bill) and you’re back in debt to the company store.

The decline of the American Empire (and Empire it was), achieved its zenith in the late 1950’s and early 60’s. We were the manufacturing powerhouse of the planet. Got humans to the Moon! (The launch of a Saturn 5 rocket is an amazing spectacle.)

In the 70s and 80s, the people were called to the ‘dark side’, me first, and forget about national altruism. Yes, there were small groups focused on singular problems; pollution, education, personal freedoms. And those of the ‘me’ foci succeeded. On the negative side was exporting knowledge and some older technology. And a loss of jobs as the second world nations increased their share of global GDP.

By the 90s and the aughts, the export train gained speed and became streamlined. The politicians and intelligencia, now inbred for the past twenty years, had their connections and their guaranteed golden parachute deployed.

Plebeian types stagnated after the bubble burst. Few winners and even more losers. Hope and Change came and went. The new world order did change the order of the world – or maybe just America.

At the beginning of the present generation, the teens and the twenties, confusion reigns supreme as carnival barkers entice the populace to buy yet another blend of snake oil medicine.

In a nation of 330 million, old rules cannot apply. If the average person is to win in the new world order, they will require new rules – improved from the original articals of the Constitution. There’s supposed to be a Constitutional convention being planned for 2017. Expect it to run at least two years. In the end, let the laws and regulations protect the individual first, then consider the greater good. Why? Because the greater good is comprised of individuals.