What’s a good K word? My original thought was my last name, Kowalski. But I could only go so far with that. It’s fairly common in Poland (not that I’ve been there), Kowal = coal or black and ski = worker or smithy. End of post. Exciting, right?

Never! Says I. Not when there’s a lot of other lame k words to dissect. Hopefully, we can find one with political or bureaucratic linkages. Kleptomania jumps out at me, but it really is a limited scope word – even if you consider SuperPAC beneficiaries.

But now (after about five minutes perusing my main dictionary – and coming up empty), desperate for anything, I went and looked in the Urban Dictionary.

Bad move.

Fourth or fifth suggestion down;  

“Keep fucking that chicken.”

Originally attributed news anchor Ernie Anastos of New York’s Fox 5 network in a segue during a live newscast with his weatherman on September 16th, 2009.

The original intent of the saying was to offer support, as in ‘keep up the good job’. While this is the general usage, a negative connotation has come into play that means ‘keep on screwing up ‘.

So, I offer this K phrase to both the bureaucracy and the political machine. The bureaucracy earns it for a multitude of sins: TPP, ACA, gerrymandering, voter suppression, VA reorganization, (add your own, here).

The politics machine earns the phrase simply for being itself. For the life of this country, partisan activity has usurped the decisions of the individual voter. History repeats itself. The election of 1828 has so many similarities to 2016, I won’t repeat what I said eight(?) posts ago.

So, to all our esteemed politicians, bureaucrats, corporate straphangers, non curious voters, and all affected pets, animals, plants, and amoeba that aren’t permitted a say:

“Keep fucking that chicken.”