I started this post with the word, idiosyncrasy, and how it relates to all bloggers. As with all reasonable ideas, it gets smashed all to crap when you look at it too closely.

First, my simplistic understanding: idiosyncrasy – a mode of behavior or way of thought peculiar to an individual. Sure, that works. We all have individual style and substance in creating our blogs. More power to us. Then I got to thinking about the etymology of the word. Oops.

Turns out, the base of the word was not ‘id’ as I thought (more on that in a bit), but from the Greek ‘idios’, to make personal or distinct. Close enough to not make me feel stupid. Still dealing with a personal relationship to a thing. Well then, what was I thinking of ‘the id’ being the base?

The id, as we all recall from our PSY101 class, refers to Freud’s (dammit Sigmund, stop playing with your cigar!)

 set of uncoordinated instinctual trends. The other parts of the psyche being the ego and superego. Hmm. That doesn’t correlate. Or does it?Instinctual blogging. That doesn’t sound right. I mean, it’s our ego and superego that drive us to be creative. To an artist, I can attribute some portion of instinct in getting started on a work. A painting, sculpture, even a piece of music comes from somewhere else. Crafted by the other two realms of the psyche, the instinct becomes a thing.

Can I say the same rules apply for writing / blogging? What form of instinct drives a person to write? Instinct usually solves a need. Writing, a means of communication. So there’s a need to communicate. (My five-year old self whines at me; But, whyyyyy?) My adult self is quite content at ingesting communication passively. But my id, probably at a five-year old level, wants to regurgitate some stuff back out.

Thusly I concede that my blog consists of stale mind irruptions. Individual idiosyncrasies intended for innocent independents.