I could have gone with a lot of ‘H’ options, including that recent hashtag #Hillaryblahblahblah. She’s not worth the effort. Or the attention. There are plenty of other outlets that are criticizing her, so I’ll let them take up some of the slack for now. It’s the end of a hectic week at work, and I’m a little tired.

But the title is actually a request for help.

Red, at doesntspeakklingon.blogspot.com commented on how my blog doesn’t have a place for comments on the main page. Instead, you have to open a post, scroll down to the bottom, then you find the comment box. I’ve been aware of this for some time and while irksome, if someone wanted to comment to me, they’d figure it out. Red did. And he doesn’t speak Klingon (which shows the sad state of our educational system).

Anyway, I now stand corrected. And stymied.

As you can see, I’ve changed the theme of the page, which has you select a posting. The comments, as usual can be found at the bottom. If there’s a way to add a comment widget (as opposed to the widget that lets you see recent comments), please let me know.