008aI’ve got a whole shitstorm of ‘F‘ words that I can use about the subject(s) forthcoming. But I’ll try to stay focused and linguistically unprofane.

My original focus was to be on the Clinton Foundation and its derivatives to its primary benefactors (Mom, Dad, the Kid, and now the Grandkid – I know I shouldn’t pick on the grandkid, but given la famiglia’s provenance, it’s a solid bet.)

So, you’ve probably heard or read about the sketchy and sordid history of the wheelings and dealing of the ex-First Family. I use that link because I feel The Atlantic still does fairly unbiased journalism, a rare quality these days.

Anywho, they’re coming up on five decades (!) of inappropriate if not outright unethical behavior. Countless hordes have challenged them on it. Even newspapers, which have another name that has ‘hor’ in it. In Everyperson society (see, I can be PC too), if you do something that even hints at some of the Clinton’s antics, you’d be summarily hauled off, tried, found guilty many times over, and jailed for a very, very long time. Hopefully, before this year is out, we’ll see some manner of justice done – and I don’t mean a slap on the wrists.

Meanwhile, out in the real world (anyplace but the US of A), there’s an even bigger fraud being perpetrated. The Panama Papers, as they’re being called, (choice name, better than fill-in-the-blank-GATE) indicates a world-wide scheme to screw anyone and everyone. One country’s democratically elected lead has resigned, many more NOT to follow. It’s not as if laws in their home countries were broken. Even here in the good ol’ (boys) land of the free and the tax-avoiding, you too can set up shell corporations (to protect your good name being sullied with (gasp!) money.


(Alternate name for the Panama Papers)

Journalists from across the world (obviously not mass media associates) got together to fact check a trove of leaked information about a legal entity / business / lawyer hangout that; for a fee, would set up a tax-exempt corporation for you. What you did with it then was not their concern. Kinda sounds like the American political system (I didn’t elect blah-blah-blah. It’s not my fault).

If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride. And if I had millions, why then I would hide. It’s only when the little folk try to save money, they end up getting shafted by the system. When I was making big bucks years back, I usually got a tax refund (state and federal). The numbers all checked out – and twice during audits. Since I got downsized and have been making do with one-third of what I was making, this year I owe extra tax! How in the f*** does that calculate?

When all is said and done, all I want for this Christmas is a definitive, legally prosecutable (and unpardonable) link between the Panama Papers and the Clinton Foundation.