The idea for détente came about at the beginning of the 20th century, the term coined in French, as that was the official international language. The difference between it and an armistice or treaty lay in the idea that you could hold semi-civil discussions prior to open warfare.

Elections are a kind of détente. Or they should be. Aside from North Korea and assorted warlord-led states in Africa and South America, most countries participate in such a format (internally & externally) with a decent measure of success.

Yet, we are continually bombarded with images from the media that demonstrate there is no détente. Nor has the term been used much since the time of Reagan. There’s a trite phrase I once heard that, ‘the media is the message.’ Bollocks. The message comes from insight, that insight can come from responsible journalism, and such a vocation can only come from an honest (personal) constitution. What was that Diogenese saying about an honest man?

Abject media failings aside, proles definitely not influencing anything for quite some time, a ruling class only connected to itself, exchanging favors to maintain a shaky – most definitely corrupt – ‘leadership’. Where can honest oversight of détente be implemented before shots ring out?

That’s what it’s coming to. Scouting parties are out in force, comprised of squads in: intelligence gathering, propaganda, logistics, and finance to name a few. The squads not mentioned will be more engaging: agitators, infiltrators, saboteurs, and assassins. Soon, I feel, there’s going to be more reports of engagement. And then we’ll be using another D word – dystopia.